An Introduction to our new system. Please keep this in the box for future references.

Welcome to Crodi.

You have been given our latest Firmware for free with this firestick/Box and this is the most complete package out there in the market.

When you first start your firestick, Please connect to the internet first before anything and make sure you have a strong connection and decent connection speeds. We strongly recommend atleast 10mb per second or more. For HD content streaming and smooth IPTV experience you need more than 10mb for sure.

Then please open up ‘Crodi’. You should always do this when you want to watch anything.

This is your main platform for all your streaming content and everything you need will be on here. The package will contain apps and builds for you to enjoy and all you have to do is install them with a single click.

At the bottom of the screen you will have all your available apps. We have 11 apps now compared to the 3 apps we offered before and all of these apps contain many features for Video on Demand (movies and TV shows) and Live Channels. Please don’t forget to check out all of them by simply pressing on the icons and allowing the downloading process to complete.

Once the download is finished, Please click install and open them when the installation is finished. You can exit each app by pressing the ‘Back’ button on the remote. You only have to download and install an app once and it will open up instantly next time when you select any of the apps through Crodi, which will save your time.

How to access builds and Crodi Media Center or reinstall/recover your build

In the main menu, we have used our own Kodi Media Center called KODI RED. Kodi is a free application we have used before and now we have got our custom app that we offer our new customers called Kodi RED.

You need to pick and download one of the builds from the builds section before you use Kodi Media Center. We have a number of selections to choose from this time and you are not limited to one build. In the builds section there will be a list of builds and simply download builds by clicking on them using your remote. You can switch between any builds or reinstall any builds at any time using this one click installer. This will help to recover your media center if anything goes wrong.


Fire Stick maintenance.

You have the key to an extensive package full of entertainment options and it is not easy on the firestick to flawlessly help you watch it all the time. You need to be a responsible fire stick owner to help extend its life span and help yourself for a smoother experience. We will be here for you cannot fix any problems by following the above method of recovering your build/media center back to normal. However, there are many things you should do to ensure you get the best out of your stick.

Please always CLOSE the Kodi RED Media Center by the Turn off button. This will be in different places on different builds. Please locate the power button before you shut down Kodi RED. If you turn it off by the power cable without properly shutting down, you might corrupt Crodi. When this happens please re-download the build from the menu called ‘Builds’ in Crodi.

Please clear Cache once a week. This will help you get the best streaming and it will help you reduce many memory problems.

How to clear cache:


  1. Go back to amazon homepage by pressing the home key.
  2. Go to settings
  3. Go to applications
  4. Open Kodi RED
  5. select Clear Cache (DO NOT OPEN CLEAR DATA)


For Live TV channels you can use builds and apps from our Crodi home page tool bar at the bottom. You can experiment with all of these apps without fear and check which method is best for you. Some apps allow on demand content but Kodi RED Builds are the best for on demand movies and TV shows.

How to turn on the air mouse

Some Apps such as Movie HD and Terrarium TV can be hand to navigate without a mouse. We have installed an option air mouse app which will toggle an on screen pointer. Please open the App that you are having difficulty navigating first.

How to control:

Turn mouse ON : Double tap (quickly)  Play/Pause button

Turn mouse OFF: Single tap Play/Pause button

Select: Center button click

Scroll Up: Menu button (or the three line button)

Scroll Down: Fast forward Button

Please enjoy the new system.

IF you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us through eBay or by email .